Duct Work Encapsulation - Duct Liner Insulation Sealer
Antifungal / Antibacterial Treatment

Sealer Treatment
This sealer is used to seal damaged and undamaged duct work liners/insulation. The sealer penetrates deeply into existing HVAC duct liners and insulation, forming a damage resistant surface that reduces particle release. Resists fungus and mold.
This sealant is a water base material specially formulated for application to HVAC duct liner or duct board insulation. An application of this product onto liner ducts, after source removal is complete, will effectively contain insulation fibers and residual materials including soot and ash.
Antifungal / Antibacterial Treatment

After complete and proper cleaning of the HVAC system to all NADCA standards and EPA guidelines, the appropriate areas of the HVAC system are resurfaced with a new coating.  This resurfacing product is EPA registered for use in air conditioning systems and on contaminated walls and ceilings for microbial control. 

This coating is a low odor, quick setting water-based surfacing material designed for field or shop application to faced or un-faced fiberglass duct liner, fiberglass duct board insulation or galvanized surfaces. It is formulated to effectively prevent the spread of molds and odor-causing bacteria on its surface with long term activity. Its low viscosity allows for application with virtually any type of spray equipment now available to the market.

This coating guards against the re-growth and spread of odor causing bacteria and molds on the surface of the coated HVAC system or its treated components only. As a result, the building occupants may enjoy a work space free of the odor problems often associated with contaminated HVAC duct systems.

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